Monday, December 29, 2008

The Bedroom is Finished! (Almost)

Of course there are always things I wnat to fix/change. (Curtians, professional framing for the family tree, etc) But for the most part the bedroom is done!

See my Flickr account for "notes" on the pictures with stories and such. Flickr stream


  1. It's so beautiful! Well done. :)

  2. It looks great! You did an awesome job!

  3. I especially love the second photo!

    I you can, come warmer weather when the garage/estate sales and flea markets start back up, you should check into an oval ornate/old fashioned frame for your family tree. I think that would fit better than a square one.

  4. You should separate your Flickr set to your bedroom and the guest bedroom, and then tag them both for Apartment Therapy! I bet they'd feature you in an entry, and that'd bring more traffic to this blog, too.

    In fact, all of your pictures on Flickr are great. Though I do think it's funny that you have some bedroom pictures in "Kitchen and Dining." ;)

  5. The bedrooms are together because you can only have three sets in a free flickr account.

    How do you "tag themf or apartment therapy"? Just make that a tag?

    And I thought I fixed those messed up tags! Oops! lol Let me go fix 'em.

  6. great job, nicole, but the picture of the old family movie star kinda creeps me out...whatever. btw...noticed one of my necklaces in your flickr series, the tri-pearl choker type - can i have that back now? really though you've done a great job and i agree you have great talent. your creativity is a've done well and i look forward to seeing it in person soon!